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Lineup of Chris Ploof Designs Meteorite rings

How to Clean and Care for Meteorite Rings

Did you know three types of meteorite used in jewelry making? While each one is ancient and literally from out of this world, they each have different compositions- iron, stony, and stony iron.

At Chris Ploof Designs, We use Gibeon meteorite, an iron meteorite with trace amounts of nickel, exclusively in our work. Because this material is, in fact, iron, meteorite rings need precision engineering, and a little care to stay looking great.


Chris Ploof working on a ring at the bench

Can Damascus Steel Rings be Resized?

“I have one of your Damascus rings, and I just love it, but it doesn’t fit me anymore. Can I order a replacement? I know these can’t be sized….”

We get inquiries like this all the time, and while it’s great to be the hero who gets to tell a customer that our Damascus CAN be sized, it’s probably time to set the record straight, and to help people understand a little bit more about this amazing material.