As with all fine jewelry, care should be taken when using any household cleaners containing bleach. Rings should not be worn into a hot tub or swimming pool as chlorine and bleach actually cause the metal alloyed with the gold in your jewelry to leach out, weakening it. This can lead to lost stones, pitted and corroded areas on your jewelry and eventual crumbling of the material. It is also a good idea to remove rings prior to swimming because cold water can cause fingers to shrink, which can lead to lost jewelry.

The precious metal components of all of our rings can be cleaned with any commercially available jewelry cleaner or cloth.

Specific care instructions for each of our rings can be found below.


If the finish of the mokume gane ring is a matte (i.e. satin) finish, it may be touched up with a piece of maroon (fine) Scotch-Brite pad, which is available at any home improvement store.

Etched mokume gane rings can safely be re-etched if the contrast fades after several years of wear. Please contact us if you would like to have your ring re-etched or polished professionally.


Our Damascus rings (both the naked Damascus and precious Damascus varieties) are extremely durable, but should you ever require professional polishing, cleaning or re-etching, please contact us.


Gibeon Meteorite is naturally resistant to corrosion and with normal wear it will not need any special treatment other than the precautions described above. It is important to wear your ring continuously as the natural oils in your hands protect the iron from discoloring. If discoloration does occur, the meteorite may be cleaned with CLR, a commercial cleaner available at home improvement stores.

After many years of wear, the etched pattern may be less sharp, or your ring may need professional polishing. Please contact us to arrange re-etching and polishing your ring.