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Chris Ploof Designs

Damascus, Meteorite, and Mokume Gane Rings handmade in New England.

For the connoisseurs, tastemakers, geek chic nerds, individuals who value more than status quo. For those who love the alchemists, artisanal geniuses, master goldsmiths designing and crafting legendary treasures for people like you who demand the extraordinary.

We use our heads. We listen to our hearts. We make with our hands.

All our materials are world class and made in-house.

Click through each material to learn more about what makes us different

Naked Damascus

At Chris Ploof Designs we work with a modern variation: stainless steel Damascus. It possesses all the beauty and qualities of the original; however, our stainless steel Damascus is made from alloys that cannot rust like carbon-based steel. Our stainless steel Damascus is easy to care for, available in beautiful and unique patterns and offers high durability.

Precious Damascus

The evolution of Damascus steel from medieval tools to contemporary jewelry is only natural due to its amazing beauty and incredible strength. Our stainless steel Damascus rings are available with precious metals linings and accents, colored ceramic inlays, oxidized patinas, or just plain “naked” for the purist at heart. To increase the cool factor, we have a stock of antique rifle barrels, which were made using a Damascus technique.

Mokume Gane

We not only create all of our own Mokume Gane for the jewelry we sell, but also supply raw material and finished pieces to outside manufacturers. Our rings are handcrafted in the traditional manner, patterning a piece of Mokume Gane while flat, and then forming it into the finished design. Every piece has a comfort fit interior for that extra-special Chris Ploof touch.


Our meteorite rings are made exclusively from pieces of the Gibeon meteorite. The Gibeon flamed into our atmosphere as a visible star-like streak an estimated 30,000 years ago. The extreme slow cooling of its journey through deep space created a unique crystalline pattern (Widmanstatten lines) throughout the resulting meteorite.

We cut, forge and fabricate our meteorite, combine it with platinum, gold or mokume gane to form an extremely strong, durable and exquisite ring with a comfort-fit interior. During the final stages of crafting our rings, the meteorite is etched to enhance the Widmanstatten pattern, which is random and beautiful, and unique to each ring.


We Make The Bar

Damascus and Mokume Gane handmade in New England.

Chris Ploof Designs uses only the best materials. Our one overarching goal is to deliver quality. And we are so good at our job that we are an industry leader for supplying Damascus steel and custom Mokume Gane raw materials and finished products to top jewelry companies the world over.

We don’t just set the bar, we make it.

We do more than check boxes.

All we hold true goes into our work.

We blend thought and emotion with our materials

to create the most unique designs.

We make history every day.

Chris Ploof Designs can be found at over 50 retail locations nationwide

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