This ornamental rose engine lathe has been around for centuries and once ran on hand or foot power.  Our Armbruster Mark II Rose Engine is one of thirty in the world. Originally designed to cut wood, we use ours for metal. The stylus traces a


This is a machine that creates a stream of water as precise as a laser with the ability to cut through most any material. Our waterjet harnesses thousands of pounds of water pressure allowing us remarkable control to cut metal into any shape. We can


This rugged tool offers up enormous strength with far more restraint than the power hammer. The hydraulic press allows us to bend and shape metal with more control. It is an important tool for several key jewelry-making processes and affords us a number of options


Imagine the pummeling force of a hammer bearing down on a piece of metal great enough to bend it effortlessly. That’s what metal is like in our power hammer, the most powerful machine in our shop. From the gentlest of strikes to the heaviest of

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