Palladium 500



Palladium, a member of the Platinum Group of metals, is a white precious metal that has steadily grown in popularity. Palladium possesses many of the same properties as Platinum, but currently costs about one third of the price of Platinum. It is difficult to distinguish between Platinum and Palladium with the naked eye. Like other precious metals (Gold, Platinum and Silver), Palladium is rarely used in its purest form. Instead, it is typically alloyed with other metals in order to achieve a desired strength and durability. Palladium is available in two alloy qualities, the highest being 950 (950 parts per 1000) and the later 500 (500 parts per 1000). In January 2010, Palladium and its alloys (500, 950, 999) were officially recognized as a precious metal by the British government. With such developments, Palladium and its alloys will make larger inroads into the European jewelry market.



Chris Ploof Designs offers a wide variety of elegant, unique wedding bands and engagement rings using precious metals Mokume Gane with Palladium 500 (Pd500). By utilizing an innovative process, our team of expert Goldsmiths has been able to create a vast selection of Mokume Gane patterns with old-world craftsmanship. Chris Ploof began experimenting with the new Palladium 500 alloy in Fall 2010. The unique use of this alloy, which has recently been introduced in European retail jewelry markets, including Mokume Gane, has yet to be adopted by jewelry designers in the United States. Throughout 2011, the price of gold experienced dramatic fluctuations as it steadily increased. We decided it was time to decrease our dependence on the volatility and price escalation of gold. It was time to introduce a new family of Mokume Gane compositions based upon Palladium 500. Palladium 500 allows for Mokume Gane compositions to be less dependent upon the volatility of gold prices. This offers a substantial cost saving while maintaining the elegance and beauty of traditional Mokume Gane.



Our new compositions were created by replacing the 14K Palladium White Gold (14K PW) in our Mokume Gane with Palladium 500. For our purposes, the Palladium 500 alloy shares many qualities of 14K Palladium White Gold (14K PW) – it is wear-resistant and retains its vibrant color. Palladium 500 looks exactly like 14K Palladium White Gold (14K PW). As such, the Mokume Gane rings we made using Palladium 500 retain the exact look of Mokume compositions containing 14K PW. Mokume compositions that contained 14K PW, along with either 18K Royal Yellow Gold or 14K Red Gold, or both, have only had the 14K PW replaced by Palladium 500; these compositions still contain gold.

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