At Chris Ploof Designs we believe in quality. We are not content with cookie-cutter, stamped out jewelry. We believe in creating unique and special rings that celebrate the importance of the union of two people.

Each ring begins with Chris in the design process, and every single item he designs also passes a review by our skilled artisans. As a team, we make sure that, in addition to being beautiful, the design will stand the test of time.

Our engineer makes sure the piece will be durable and can be constructed affordably. Our craftspeople make sure each design can be built to the high quality standards Chris demands. Our finishing expert will study every aspect of each item, every nook and cranny, so we can be sure the beauty of the piece radiates from all angles. Our stone setter reviews every area stones will be set, making sure they will radiate with the brilliance nature intended and be held securely.

In the end, your jewelry is handcrafted  in our Massachusetts studio requiring no less than fifty steps per item, some pieces taking well over five hundred steps! A quality inspection is the final step, just before the jewelry is shipped express insured to you.

The team we have assembled at Chris Ploof Designs is comprised of the best of the best, true experts in the field of quality jewelry making.