Damascus steel is the metal of legends. Renowned for its strength and coveted for its beauty, it was a sought after treasure during the Crusades. The ancient swords of the Syrians were rumored to be capable of cutting a piece of silk in half as it floated to the ground.

Throughout history, Craftspeople all over the world have made beautiful tools from carbon Damascus steel. Currently, Damascus steel is undergoing a renaissance. Here at Chris Ploof Designs, we work with a modern variation: stainless Damascus steel. Possessing all the beauty and qualities of the original, it is stronger and does not corrode like regular steel.

The Damascus process involves welding multiple layers of two different steel alloys into one solid piece. The material is then forged to yield complex patterns, much like mokume gane, but requiring tremendous force. The evolution of Damascus steel from tools to jewelry is only natural, due to its amazing beauty and incredible strength.

In our Damascus rings, we use only stainless steel Damascus that has been heat treated for optimal strength, or is made from alloys that cannot corrode. Damascus can also be made from carbon steel, but it will rust, even if lacquered or chemically protected. Stainless Damascus is easy to care for, is available in amazing patterns, and offers high durability.

Our Damascus rings are available with gold linings and accents, or even “naked” Damascus for purists at heart.

Learn how to care for your damascus jewelry here.